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Kinko is a convenience store with more than 20 locations in Montevideo, Uruguay. Working as a team with both existing backend and register software providers, we developed 3 apps that would automize online orders, payments, packaging and distribution.
User’s App works on both iOS and Android. It locates the nearest store and keeps a real time updated stock of all stores. Users can easily register, navigate, create carts, pay and keep a realtime look on their order status.
Store’s app notifies employees when a new order has arrive and guides them product by product, step by step on how to prepare and correctly process the payment. Employees can also communicate with clients in case changes should be made to the order. Delivery’s App gathers all ready to ship orders from a store. It creates the best possible route and guides the driver delivery point to delivery point. It also fires notificacions to users leting them know the time of arrival and gathering reviews on the systems’ fucnionality. All steps of the order cycle are measured and presented on a easily manageable backend.